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Hello People

This is a Homework for Tomorrow of my 3DMAX Class, but that is not the point

I want to make a Video of a Trailer of a Fictional Game, with this character, a game where you are the bad guy and you mission is to clean the planet from the human race, slaying it. Maybe a game where you are free to go wharever you want but the humans will attack you all the time and you are going to blow their asses XD

If you have suggestions for a Fictional Gameplay, Missions, blah blah blah, leave it in the reviews, all the reviews that i think that would be usefull, i will add them on the special thanks of the movie, maybe i will release it on December

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Looks good.

Cant wait for the real thing. I think chaoz fantasy by metal jonus would be a good song choice. You do great work.

i has music reccomendation

i reccomend throught the fire and the flames by dragonforce. I think it's awesome.I can't wait to see more!


whoa that's amazing!
i like that scene with the office chair the most *lol*
pity that in a slay-em-all-game there will be no space for scenes like that :-(
thats the only reason why i don' like these games ;-)
i think white light eyes would look the best, maybe you could try it out!

Good work so far.

Now then when you know that, I might have some ideas for you. Since you thinking this to be a game of this guy slaying the whole human race, my idea for is now when you said you want it to be a game with a free mode when you like say can go around the world slaying peapole and fighting militerries. And the you could have neither that you to to a place to start a misson or like take conntact with how ever you had this misson to eliminet the human tace. And depending on how big your game is susposed to be you can make choice of whice place of the world you want to be in and to do so you might have to do a misson or what so ever. And you can have a unlocking system for new missons and weapon and armor and etc. Well that's a idea to start with.


but I would have added red lights for his eyes
but do whatever you like

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4.22 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2008
11:28 PM EDT
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