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Napster's Revenge

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Author Comments

Taken down

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I can imagine how serious the situation of napster was in those years, now and currently napster is no longer the shadow of what it is, but that is if spotify continues to predominate today along with deezer and YT music!!!

Isnt Napster now paying artists more than Spotify? Talk about being relevant again

lol at recent comments

This video was worth coming too just to see people trash talk on a flash from 2000. Way to go guys, tell the animator how much they suck at flash. Tell him his stuff sucks and then go take a look at the first few flashes that made this site. Why dont you just troll on those too. Im not saying the flash is good, but guys be realistic. This was good to watch 11 years ago.


I have to agree with KEWB, you can't back up anything you said. You're probably just some disgruntled ex-Crapster user with too much time on your hands. Oh and Kill em All had nothing to do with censorship, you damn liar.


"This movie does suck and I can't animate or draw for shit..." Well at least you got that much right. Horribly unfunny, horrible animation, and, well, pretty much everything about it was bad. I AM a Metallica fan, but that has nothing to do with my rating. If you had done a video of equal quality with Megadeth as the victims, or hell, even the fucking Jonas Brothers, I would give it the same rating because it's horribly done and there's absolutely nothing funny about it.

Now I know, I'm suppossed to offer constructive criticism, but what exactly am I supposed to say about this? Animate better, draw better, come up with an original concept. I would be more specific, but this has absolutely the lowest quality in all of those aspects, so there's really nothing that DOESN'T need improving. Granted, I don't need to put it that harshly and I could be nicer about it, but just look at your own description. You talk shit about Metallica and their fans and you can't even back it up with legitimate reasons of why they're apparantly so horrible (well, you do ATTEMPT to back up one thing you said, but your argument is horribly flawed because not wanting people to illegally download your music has absolutely nothing to do with censorship. Hypocritical my ass.). If you're going to be a dick, then I'll be one right back.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2000
11:26 AM EDT