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madness volatile

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Author Comments

ok it took me forever, and i know it sucks to all you profesionals, but its the best yet for a noob like me, so watch it please

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Mannnn...............ur so good at dis

Okay. 3/5

Decent, it's okay to make the enimies move around shoot a little, and make the assasain do flips and cool stuff like that. Other than that I liked it.


It was pretty generic for a first Madness animation. It would have been much better if you at least tried to use different backgrounds and perhaps not-so generic Madness characters.

The animation was bad. It was choppy, for one thing, and it was pretty stiff too.
The characters had like, no emotion, and no definition of recoil. (Yet still somehow able to fire that shot gun with one hand) Speaking of hands, I see that you have also not been able to figure out which hand is right, and which hand is left. Look at tributes, and even the official madness, it seriously shouldn't be rocket science figuring out those hand positions.
I didn't like how you animated the feet, They're not supposed to come off of the body like they did. they just didn't look right. You should have made them unattached when they are standing still, but the fact that you didn't just makes it out of place. One side note, on that one part when he grabbed hold of the hostage, and used the pistol, it wasn't a sub machine gun like an MP5, it was a pistol, meaning it doesn't fire fully auto.
Also, you didn't do reactions right. The Madness guys aren't supposed to stand there until they're shot, give them some personality and life, if they're supposed to be such good agents or whatever, at least make them fire their guns once and a while. Another example of this would be at the end, where he just walked up and allowed the guy to shoot him, when he had a good 5 seconds to take care of him.
Over all, the animation wasn't half bad, don't get me wrong, it's bad, but it's alot better than most of the other new guy animations. Keep practicing and don't pay any attention to people giving you high scores, read the reviews, but don't get used to them, because then you'll be pissed off at the first guy who gives a negative review and you'll attract a lot of trolls and spammers and such. Pay attention to the negative comments or else you'll never learn.
Ok I'm done.

wrayayrton responds:

well, i honestly never thought id be reviewed by you yourself, but it is in fact amazing that i was. first off, hands: i downloaded a sprite sheet with only one hand (it was crappy spritesheet... i do not wish it on anyone) as for feet, well, it was my first, come on rly... the pistol was called full automatic pistol, and in the game it is full automatic.
the badguys were movieclips to save me time, and energy, so they suck, i know. but ima put another anim up, and i have re tooled my badguy animation system. the end was: he ran out of ammo, i wanted you to hear that click noise but i guess not

i love negative reviews, so thank you. people like you, who write a long, constructive criticizm review, and actually know how to animate make me feel good inside. your advice inspires me to do much better. so i hope my next animation, you like 3 times as much.
ok im done

nice job bro

yea it wasnt like the originals but it still kicked ass. keep up the nice work

wrayayrton responds:

i didnt wanna exactly copy them but i wanted good animation quality, so i payed a lot of attention to little details like shell casings


hehe nice video, doesn't suck at all, and all professionals had to start somewhere

wrayayrton responds:

true... very true thank you

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2008
8:07 PM EDT