Madness Dissolution

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Hello there, well i originally wasn't going to submit this, but i decided hey why not?

So here it is a dramatic tale of a man and his teddy bear...

Enjoy the movie and happy madness day!



Not bad

Umm. I'm not sure what to say.

That would have actually been good

Had it not been so short.
Well, if you made the characters, they were actually very nice. But it's hard to tell if you did because of the art with the teddy bear, which was pretty bad. But I actually liked the characters, so points there. Okay, this first part, the walking, is bad. NEVER I repeat; NEVER EVER use movieclipped walking. Just animate it in the timeline, trust me, it will look much better and much more fitting. Also, the constant leaning of the body was a bad idea, normal humans don't constantly lean back and forth while walking unless they have some sort of issue. The bodies were kind of stiff at times, IE: Firing a shot gun with no movement except the hands.
The movie went by too fast, not enough action, it seemed like an okay idea, but it would be better if it were a full length movie rather than these random cut scenes thrown together of him shooting random people who no one knows. It was just too short, only like, 2 rooms. The ending was also pretty bad. You seem to know how to animate smoothly, so just work on reactions, and spend some time to make a full length animation and you should be fine.

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super idea but next time make it longer!


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this definately deserves a place higher in the MD09 list!
i hope there will be a sequel........

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3.24 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2008
7:33 PM EDT
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