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This is for madness 2008, i didnt hav hardly any time to do it so its realy short, :(
Its about Hanks Wife, it was gonna be like a sort series but had no time at all
Some reason the gun shots r not in time, sorry :(

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this is ok

i think its a pretty good start liam.can i call you that?Lol.keep it up,and you can join my collab.

Cooliam responds:



since im 2 lazy 2 write a long review, ima just say nice vid.

Cooliam responds:

ty :)

Not bad

This piece needs work, when compared to the traditional Madness series that we all know and love. What I think you need to concentrate on here is the tweens, so that the movement looks more fluid. There are plenty of tweening tutorials available on Newgrounds, so have a look and see what you think.

Also, I'd make a few subtle changes to the actual animation itself - the boobs look weird on the girl, so maybe tweak them slightly - no laughing at the back there! - so that they don't appear independent of one another. The other major thing I'd do there is have the agent slide slowly down to the floor, as the force of the explosion is no longer pushing him into the wall, so allow him to become a slave to gravity once more.

It was a little short, but it did contain the spirit of madness, so you really can get there with it - push for some more effective rooms and maybe add some sort of plotline - perhaps something that makes it different from the original series, but gives your own spark of genius. Perhaps something like there's a rogue computer program that has possessed one of the characters here. Maybe Pico got into the system and started messing stuff up?

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Cooliam responds:

cool ty

Needs some work.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Of course the drawings are well done because they are sprites and everything. :P The animation itself could have been much smoother and that's the only thing that you can work on to make this flash a lot better in my opinion. I sometimes couldn't tell if some things were in slow motion or if some things were in regular time, but it was just lagging, etc.. Just the movement and animation itself could have been much smoother.

Also, some in between animations would have been nice such as when an enemy comes out from a door they actually walk out of the door instead of just appearing where the entrance of the door is.

~ Story/Content ~

I see you said you didn't have a lot of time, but it was rather short. Not very original either as it looks like 1,000's of other Madness submissions on this site, but I can't penalize you for that because there isn't much to do with Madness anymore. It's all been done. We can't all be Krinkles. I would suggest either making this long or adding some sort of plot though.

You could also greatly improve the menus by adding better colors, animation to them, etc.. By menus I mean the beginning and end where you use the gray text and credit some things.

~ Audio ~

Decent sound effects and decent music all around. Nothing too much more to say other than that.

~ Overall ~

Could really be cleaned up and added to be made better. Try to start earlier for next year's Madness Day. ;P

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Cooliam responds:

thank u

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3.77 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2008
12:51 PM EDT