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Dawn of the Madness

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Hell yeah, Daily first, 6th place in Madness day, review crew pick, and weekly third.

Hello people
After a long break from flash, I finally return with my new Madness day submission. This movie is 9 minutes and 2 seconds, so get a snack! I started working on this movie in early July, and finished in time for Madness day. Over the summer, I stayed up working on this, and on average, I got atleast 500 frames done every night, I remember a night when I got 1000 done.

This movie is about some survivors from a recent Zombie apocalypse that was caused by the release of a dangerous chemical that was originally an attempt at a medicine to cure age. The virus got out due to an employee not disposing of it properly.The virus killed mostly everyone, but the ones it didn't kill, lost basic instincts and turned into mindless, flesh eating zombies. The virus was spread by bites and scratches, and it even infected animals.. The recent news report stated that there was a military-operated refuge on a private island off the coast of Pennsylvania. A group of survivors make the choice to travel to the harbor and attempt for the island, but the seemingly endless forces of the undead interfere in their quest...
the characters names aren't all listed, so here,

Red: Nick, Orange: Justin, Deli owner: Rostello, Girl: Karlie, and the guy with the funky hair, Dean.

I hope you all enjoy this film!

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not bad, it has a good story, I like the details you gave it, although you can improve the animation, but still look great

i remember this

This is really cool! a great madness movie! (also boobs?) The speech bubbles was pretty original not many madness movies use that! keep it up!

i love this. so much depth and detail, constant suspense. rated 5 stars. never gets old

Recuerdo que lo ví hace unos años casi me dió miedo pero fue cuando tenía 10 años ahora tengo 18 y e visto peores series gore