AHS 1 Bathroom chronicles

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Here is a look into the fictional school where my (mostly) fictional characters live.

since the four of us are girls, and we do not know what goes on in the guy's room, we had to guess and exaggerate what might go on.

please take no offense, for we are just bored teenage girls with nothing else to do.

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so true

Ive seen the public school bathrooms, and this was spot on about the girls
(I wouldn't know about the boys) i see that alot
"I have to use the bathroom!"
"ill come!"
"Me to!"

not bad

i liked it except for one thing. and that is that i go to AHS. (Alpena High School) and after going there for almost 4 years i can say i think you are right about the bathroom

Not bad.

For four teenage girls with too much time on their hands, you've created a good piece of flash here. The animations were spot-on, the art style was unique without being sloppy, and the humor is good enough to make me laugh. I'm giving you seven stars because this flash isn't exactly mind-blowing or a must-see or whatnot.

Still, this is very good. Keep it up.

Wat goes on hmm...

Nothing goes on in a guys bathroom lol well not really except for not flushing the toilet lolz and doing bad shit like put toilet paper on the walls

was kinda cool should make more things about highschool like sensless fighting? and catfightz? and stuff....

flannelprincess responds:

oh we have all that planned... and more!!


Pretty nice, Leann. The animation was smooth and you all clearly had a good time making this flash. You animated faces, motion, and talking far better than most submissions from people double your age.

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Sep 21, 2008
7:17 PM EDT
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