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Madness Day 2008

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Tom u betta give us da fuckn money!!!!

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This is a collab with 11 parts to it and seven coauthors, (including Bug, who's deleted). I can't figure out which user did what part, except Fat Badger.

Each part are represented by objects you click on, which thankfully the menu tells you to. The head from the 'Madness Day 2008' preloader is modified to resemble some creepy pig-nosed man. Most of these parts are very low-quality, especially considering the authors' histories, (W-P-S and ZekeySpaceyLizard have some talent, but have also gone down the shitpost route at times, )

Individual reviews of each part:

TOP LEFT HEAD: Twelve spinning heads set to creepy music. The heads are animated very well, but it's still practically a 1 second loop and unrelated to Madness

TOP RIGHT HEAD: A FMV zombie explodes to a grunt's gun. Everything is drawn very simplistic, yet still crudely.

BOTTOM LEFT HEAD: A ship lands on some guy and explodes. Predates the typical Flipaclip animation. The text at the start goes away too quickly.

BOTTOM RIGHT HEAD: "Go ahead. Make my day" says a weird lobster thing in stop motion, reusing about 4 frames for lip syncing.

CENTER HEAD: Grunts from 'Madness' with blue skin and 'NGR' on their shirts get on trucks and walk around. They're animated very well for 2008 Flash animation. And the music used fits very well. Still a bit shit-posty, given that it's animated with motion tweens and that animation is copy pasted everywhere (and the truck isn't as good), but otherwise well made.

BEETLE: All the sound effects are done with the author's mouth, aside from that one from Law and Order. This is a poorly drawn representation of Madness, followed by a person calling Tom to put it on the front page, and ending with the message 'fuck krinkels'. I guess the voices are funny in an ironic way, and the message it's trying to say is that Madness is an overhyped piece of shit, but that's about it.

KNIFE: This is @FatBadger's part. This is a bait and switch. Both FatBadger and a grunt are wearing gas masks, but it then switches to FatBadger dancing with three ladies.

TORSO: Turns out that cross on the Madness grunt's face is actually supposed to represent Christianity. He shoots another grunt with the Star of David on his face, represenging Judaism. Linework's alright, but isn't really animated, more like switching between panels.

GUN: Grunt face morphs into Rayman, that's the joke! I counted 11 frames in that morph, which was drawn frame by frame on top of a blue-tinted upside down picture of a girl on a car.

RIGHT FOOT (Knife side) Two images, a skeleton and a pelican biting a cat. The former switches to a different image of the same skeleton while the latter is mirrored. This is looped, so click the grunt pig face man to exit. I don't see what connection this has to Madness.

LEFT FOOT (Gun side) WARNING: Earrape. A bird screams loudly. The bird is animated decently, but does flash colors.

IN GENERAL: I personally enjoyed the 'center head' scene the most and found the 'beetle', 'knife', and 'torso' scenes to be funny, while I can appreciate the style of the 'top left head' scene.

en la pierna izquierda esta un rolon de mi pais


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lol, rammstein: hittler, funny :3

Spot on.

I mean, these idiots will jump at any shit covered peanut you throw at them.
(remember when they started spawning those awful mario-matrix crossovers?)

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
1:55 PM EDT