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Hey Newgrounds
My first here.
Just some fbf done over 2 days with about about 6 hours on each day
Some of the parts are synced but it went a little out when i uploaded it to the site

----Please take in to account im only 12----

Hope this passes selection!!!

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Not too shabby

Regardless of your age, I will still rate the flash for what it is, and nothing more nothing less.

This is not to bad a subission. It had fluid animation, and cool effects. I know the basics of flash animation myself, so I can only assume how much work has been put into this.
So, a grade worthy of this. I give you a 7.
Keep up the good work.

animationking101 responds:

Thanks =]

i like it

i bet ppl will tell you how aweful this is and how anoying is the music. listen to me - they dont know a thing. ;) for a guy who started playing games at the beggining of '80 this is a pearl. the music and concept gived me much of nostalgy :)

animationking101 responds:

Dont know what to say other than thanks =]

Good work.

Okay, first of all, I don't give a tiny piece of crap that you're twelve. No one should bias their review that way. I liked how the animation was complicated, and everything connected, swirled, and moved. It could definitely have been smoother, however, and while the music was interesting at first, but it gradually grew to be annoying as hell, forcing me to turn my sound of. When you look at the whole of it though, it's good for a first time submission.

animationking101 responds:

I was gonna finish it nup earlier but i couldnt finish it off properly.

Really Good

how do you do the line do you like draw then erase and then draw

animationking101 responds:

Well yeah but you just do blank keyframes and etc