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This was a slideshow was created by request from Antonio McCall for his pictures to be displayed on his website. The pictures are, in fact, his but that are used with his permission. Obviously.


I submitted this work mostly because I occasionally come around and make comments about other people's flash works. Out of boredom I've decided to submit this as my only "good" flash in order to prove that I do, in fact, know how flash works at a basic level.



Good pictures, I liked the one with the dice.
But still, a better place for something like this would be deviantart, not NG.
As for the flash, It was neatly organised, not too many details, simple & stylish.
Final judgement: 7/10, 3/5
Congratulate the photographer for his work :D

Patricoo responds:

Thanks! Your right about 'it's place' but I'd much rather have a submission or two that shows that I know what I'm doing. This way review replies don't automatically poo-poo me.


odd but cool

Patricoo responds:

Thats about as good of a reaction that I can expect.


It is refreshing to see innovations like this. Not too often do you get to see a flash slideshow, or whatever format you may have used. The pictures were simply beautiful, a pure artistic expression. What I really would like to see done next time is a way to add this innovation to something else, something that will really stand out.

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Patricoo responds:

Thank you very much.

The photographer has a bunch of pictures. If he requests it I think I'll learn how to do things like scroll buttons at the bottom, a menu, categories, and basically just make more interactive material for websites. Like I said a bunch of times, I mostly want to put two or three on Newgrounds to show I understand flash on a basic level. Not that crap I posted in 2005. Hah!

Thanks again. I'll make sure he gets the photo complements.


its just pictures... why not just email them.

Patricoo responds:

I'm not sending pictures. I didn't take the pictures. I made the flash for the website. Thought it was a nice design and that I'd put it up.

*Snaps fingers* Common man. Pay attention. I'm guessing your the kid who spends more time looking at the 'attitude posters' in the classroom rather then the work?


i love the flash effect and the kiwi in the guy's hand is colored! might've been difficult, i don't know, but u still get 10/10.

Patricoo responds:

Horray! Thanks for giving me more then it's worth. It counters the zero. Thanks mate.

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2.78 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2008
9:13 PM EDT
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