One Beef: Chapter 1

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One Beef is a parody of One Piece. It started out as an inside joke between my friends and I, but I soon began to make a "comic book" series out of my ideas. The only relation to One Piece is a few references, but other than that it is an entirely separate thing.

I finally decided to convert it into Flash. Enjoy!
Also, I try to have my friend post a new "page" on his site whenever I finish one. His address is http://www.ftabcomics.net .
Note that I only do the One Beef comics. He does all of the other things on the site.



you should make more. this is hysterical.

Great art and effects!

Finally you put it all into one instead of various parts! :D
This is a great start to a series and story! I love how you parodied One Piece!

Keep up with it! ;)

CmndrDemolition responds:

Uh, dude. It's been consolidated on the site for a while. Just saying.


Now that was funny XD. That more more of a "comic book" rather than a "flash animation." I'd say, work on animation and sounds, excellent idea ;D

CmndrDemolition responds:

Hey, thanks man. Just keep up your good work, too.

XD nice

I've seen a lot of "comic strip" flashes and I can say this is by far the best one I've seen. XD I want to hear more sound and see more action though. Can't wait to see the second one. You are making a second one right?

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CmndrDemolition responds:

Yeah, making a second one. And a third, and a fourth etc. Just expect them to take a while because I have school and marching band every day. But, yeah. This was my first real thing in Flash so I didn't expect it to be that good. I will try to put more stuff in for the next one. Thanks!

awesome dude.

nice spinoff of one piece. i would love to see a continuation of this movie. and do not stray away from sticks. there so classic. just move on to more advanced sticks. like with more joints. and add more animation per arrow clik. but i really wanna see the continuation. good luck. <3!

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Sep 20, 2008
8:24 PM EDT
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