Claw Silhouette

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Hey guys =D
im pretty proud of this frame by frame animation, as it is my first successful one :)
its pretty easy watching, with a few extras thrown in there, hope you enjoy it.
The movie is the original version when first using flash... i reccommend watching the flash version first :P
Jonny DREDD (mop head)

CLAW Animations


Really nice

Wow you have yet to dissapoint me it was great

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@ Br1regna

... It is obvious the animating is time consuming but the author did write "as it is my first successful one :)". For a first fram by frame animation you cannot say this is bad.

The movie was a little short but i did enjoy watching it, keep it up.

Oh c'mon!

Work like this is really easy, this cannot even be called FbF, also you didn't even put an end on it. To be an animator means hard work and a lot of patience, you are too lazy.

Cool Flash

I thought the flash with background was cool. Although the movie just looked like a gang of nerds trying to look as normal as possible.

JonnyDREDD responds:

yea i didnt realise it was going to look as good as it did with the background. If i had known I would have spent a bit more time on it hehe... I kinda just threw that in as an extra hehe...
lol at the movie... 1 of those nerds was me :( haha... thanks for the review=D


I will not say nothing because i don't know hom to make flash movies
but it was cool putting the real part on it

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3.73 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2008
1:18 AM EDT
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