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FL Studio Basic Tutorial

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Months after I made my first "tutorial" (if you can call a micless recording with no explanation that), I finally decided to make an ACTUAL tutorial explaining how I do (or at least used to) do my songs. I'm actually talking on this one.

If you're expecting a tutorial about complex DnB, dynamics, automation, or anything that is not BASIC, this is not for you. This is a simple tutorial explaining how to make a -quick- song using the Step Sequencer, the Piano Roll, the Mixer, and the Playlist.

The quality of the video is something I'm definitely not proud of. I forgot I had zoomed out the screen prior to recording. I now understand a little bit more about how to optimize settings on Camtasia Studio. My next tutorial (I WILL make one if people ask me to) will definitely have better quality and organization, this was rather improvised. Yes, I'm aware that the screen is TINY. I'll use the right dimensions next time, /promise/.

If one person learns something with this, I'm happy. I'll know I didn't waste my time if that's the case.

Votes and reviews are appreciated. Any suggestions or requests would be great.

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/173465

Link to song ^

http://rapidshare.com/fil es/146727350/FL_tutorial_

Link to project file ^

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There we go now the piano is in tune!


nice job, allowed me to get started with the program.
and after i spent over an hour composing... found out you can't save with the demo version T.T

took me longer to hand write it than it did to compose!

Luv It

I thought this tutorial was really good. Like trentdaddy said you guide the people through the program without them feeling like a complete retard. keep up the good worl and i hope u make more vids!

Informative enough

Nice, this is close to what I would look for in an FL tutorial. An almost "Hold my hand" tutorial, but not so much that it treats you like you never used a computer. I will admit that I sat through just the first part and then last (I jumped a huge gap, this may not be a fair review) but I think this could help a handful of people become more comfortable with FLS, as I like the program but i'm no musician (I don't know jack about notes or music terminology, I don't remember a thing from Elementary music classes). Thanks, and I'll probably jump back to this tute if I ever get back into FL Thanks.

GronmonSE responds:

Sure thing, thanks for the review :D

Hard to understan.

This was an extremely informative video, but lacking for the most case.

Most tutorials, should allow you to pace yourself, it should allow you to work at your own level. You can accomplish this by creating a slideshow. Slideshows are the most integral part of a tutorial. They are the peanut butter to jelly, the burger to fries, anchovies to pizza. Without one another, the world would not go round.

Speaking tutorials are always a bit iffy. Sometimes the audio was choppy, sometimes you spoke too quiet, but still, you can save yourself by taking my advice, and taking a wee bit of time to create a slideshow. But, overall, this was a nice attempt.

GronmonSE responds:

A slideshow...that's a good idea, actually. I'm actually considering an interactive menu as a future tutorial.

Also, I don't like anchovies X:

Thanks for the review.