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Counter Clocks 3D

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This is somthing I made a while back that didnt get finished because my comp got fucked up. I dont care if it sucks because its not finished so just go away if youre gonna be gay about this. This was made over a year ago and I assure you I am way better now. I will be releasing some cool shit in the near future.

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Cherry i can see you put alot of effort into this but i guess you best just was not good enough... :)


The voices are funny, but the backgrounds sucked hard
It has at least 1 sniper shot and shoots the 5 to a 6 :D

Please attempt to continue! This is really good!

Clocks with guns! I want more clocks with guns! This has the potential to be a really good flash. But it's still a really good flash! If only you were able to finish! I encourage you to attempt to complete you CS parody W/ the Clock Crew because so far it pwns! That's why your flash got an 8 for an overall score in my review! But you may want to improve on graphics a bit. It's really funny, with a great idea backing it up, but it must get to a firefight and have alittle better graphics. Other than that, I voted for you a 5.

Cherry-Clock responds:

hey man, thanks for the positive review!

i'm glad people SOME still appreciate the clock crew :)

To the last reviewer

FUCK_CLOCKS? By god you're retarded. The anti-clock fad is gone years ago. GET OUT OF NEWGROUNDS YOU NOOB!

And to the movie, it's okay, except that it needs a background, and it keeps looping all the time.

BLAM this piece of crap!

-said pico, when asked about this movie. you could have at least added a damn stop action even if your "comp got fucked up".

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2002
2:23 AM EST