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Sonic! Knuckles! Battle!

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Author Comments

Hope you like it. Thanks to Zebrahead for music. The sound quality is bad sorry/

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it wuz good

first of all the remix of the song is 10 time better and it needs more frames

Pretty good. Kinda cheesey not too bad though.

I liked the ending. Didn't see that coming. More FPS would be better.

Not too good...

-Graphics- 8/10
They were clear, nothing bad about them but the sprites are too small, enlarge the sprites and if possible, make the cam follow them as they go from 1 side to another and use zoom facilities so if they are far apart, zoomed out, if they're close to each other zoom in, not bad otherwise.

-Sound- 6/10
You have music at least, not bad, but it'd be great to have sound FX's too, like them fighting, falling etc, that'd be decent, also make the song louder too. On a side note, look up the real Zebrahead version of the song, what you have there is a song by Matty Lewis FROM Zebrahead and Ali Tabatabee (I believe i spelt that correctly)

-Content- 7/10
You got some good content there, quite a bit of fighting too however i think you can improve on that, since it is a bit short, why not add a story on to reason why they fight? Make the movie longer too would be great and last, if anything, make a more better menu rather than a few cut n paste pics, all that and great!

-Overall- 7/10 So you got good quality graphics although sometimes the sprites are too small, you have ok sound but needs to be a bit louder, needs sound FX's and improvement and you need to add more content. All in all it isn't that bad, just keep up the good work, add some ideas from suggestions into the flash and you got a good quality movie! Great fight anyway!

How to improve your flash:

This video would be 10 times better if you upped the FPS! seriously that would help a lot! great idea though, the ock joke was eally random! =D i LIEK random! (yes i mean leik not like!)

... umm...

quite honestly its not verry good.... it could be much worse however, and its good that its not. however I would like to see some of your later work! maybe some better sound quality, some sound effects, and light effects, maybe even a cool action camera thing? i dunno, just making suggestions... but yeah not all bad!

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2008
5:37 PM EDT