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Author Comments

I lived with my folks for a bit after moving back into the area. To pass the time I would grow flowers. I would grow them from seed and the landscapers would tear everything out of the ground. It sucked.

This animation was done fairly quickly to get the point across and like my comics, gives me a view of that time.

I found it again on my computer and thought I would share it.

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flash was decent...

I'll say this, I worked at a winery, and after planting an entire freakin vineyard, you don't want people with no experience with grape vines messing with the stuff you just planted, so I can see where Armoredbaby got his inspiration. The hardest work I did when I worked there was installing a couple thousand vines (as well as the posts and fencewire to go with them), and I'll be damned if I want some minimum wage worker who has no clue what to do besides clip shit off make a mess of what I managed to pull off that entire summer.


I so would of killed that guy.

I give it a 3 because that was the face I was making when I saw the end.

What seed where you really growing?

Judging from the tats and such, where you growing flowers (pot)? The flash was enjoyable, what threw me off was the main character. First yellow hair then brown?

Armoredbaby responds:

My last name is Sunshine -- so sometimes I draw my head a sun, with radiant lines.
This was early flash stuff when I was just trying out the program. Thanks ! Flowers were just some stuff to "beautify" in some way the area which was ultra dull, seeds were cheap. I grew pot once and my old neighbor stole the plant back int he day though LOL.


kinda shakespearean, I hate when shit like that happens. Good flash.

Armoredbaby responds:

Thanks! Considering it was my first experiments with the program, I consider that a very kind compliment. - But -- crazy though, when I ran across this, just by documenting my situation, I will always recall how it sucked. I mean, I had a whole little area, in the back crapmed patio, brimming with cool Convolvulus and other violets, wrapping their way around the driftwood colored cheapo stairs and once day, gone. Totally eradicated, naked. I complained to no avail and they cited language barriers and such -- get Spanish signage made or train your merchants of death I said!

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2008
3:07 AM EDT