Peculiar Family

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Due to file size upload limit, this is a truncated version of the original file with lower resolution and quality. Peculiar Family is a animated CG work done by our studio using both 2D traditional animation approaches as well as 3D style. Our team is led by Wang Yufei, also known as Waima Show, you can view the full version of this trailer at http://www.flashlands.com /view/4/16/162584/, with credits to the producers.



Everything, except for two things, is excellent. I loved it overall.But... Hugo, is a boys' name. And the characters are ugly.The music was great, the story looks very cool, the trailer itsefl is awesome, and I'm completely in love with the backgrounds.Good Job

It was awesome but....

Dude, you are way too professional to be advertising on Newgrounds. We're here to watch budding artists who use FLASH. Stick to the studio.

Your toon was awesome though. I really like the unique style; I've never seen anything like it. Keep up the good work.

what the?

first of all, its an advertisement.second of all, its CG, not flash. come on, i mean it shouldnt even qualify to be on here.

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Even though I don't think this belongs on Newgrounds I'm gonna give you a solid 10. Looks great and has a very interesting story by the looks of it. Please don't place anymore of these on the site. It just doesn't belong. (My opinion only)


I don't like adverts on NG. However, I do appreciate your work. The quality was kinda bad, but over all, not the worst I've seen. The little girl was kinda freaky looking, though!

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3.58 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2008
8:20 PM EDT
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