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This is just a preview. It has no preloader but dosen't really need one because of it's small filesize. Please tell me how I can improve this if it's still bad. That way I can fix it before I'm finished.

Also, this is a sorta animation of the robots from CEC so it is not meant to have them running around in the store or something. I don't know how to do that anyways. LOL


fairly good

it could use a bit more story, but it is a preview. also, the holes in the darkscreen are visible. and the chickens mouth stops moving after a while. hope that helps

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VMKMASTER responds:

yeah I forgot to finish animating her mouth before I uploaded. But what do you think the main issue with this besides the graphics is?


so the animations were pretty boring and bad. the girls mouth never closed after she started singing and where the spot light shown over chuckee cheeses's head you could see the outline of it. def needs some work

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VMKMASTER responds:

Actually, it closes that's just how it looks when it's closed.


for contributing to my site!

Needs work

Im not a fan of this kinda stuff, but heres my review.

First of all, the audio was good. The lip syncing seemed ok.
Second, Whats with the arms? The way they moved was ackward. It didnt seem real enough.
Third, whats with everyone and shapes? Can nobody draw anymore? It makes things look better when everything isnt make of squares and shapes.
Finally, there was only like 1 shot of the front of them. Who wants to watch a movie of a couple life-less robots just standing there singing? Add more angles.

Ill give you an '10' for effort. Good Luck!

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2.39 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2008
8:58 PM EDT
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