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hott hetnea

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a nick felton special

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this is not hip hop crap!!!

it's musical art of US history

n0ise responds:


I usually vote 5

But then again, you usually have better music than this hip-hop crap. So, now that you know, you can just load them up with hip-hop going forward so you can score a straight 0 down the board. Somebody obviously likes this if it's passing BLAM.

Even as spam, it fails

1) You couldn't spell hentai.
2) Hentai generally has an adult rating. This was given an "Anyone."

If you're going to spam the portal, do us all a favor and keep making it this obvious.

Totaly suck!

I'll better watch to my wall, then watching this.

Failure on an epic scale.

Congratulations. You have officially proved yourself to be no different than well over one million dumbasses circling the internet in the pursuit of some kind of strange fame. Thank you for showing all of us just one more shining example of just what is dragging global faith in the usefulness of the internet down.

Next time, try making an ACTUAL ANIMATION, instead of some piece-of-shit epilepsy-inducing Mind Rape like the one you seem to believe is worthy of any kind of real attention other than "That looks like shit; think I'll go read some Lovecraft". Word to the wise: real work does not resemble something a monkey on heroin could produce.

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2.60 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2008
3:01 PM EDT