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Ultra Stick Guy (Intro)

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This is the first flash I made with sound and If you think it looks good tell me and i will continue making it coz I made it and then just stopped making it and its big so ill submit it scene by scene so hope you like it.

(EDIT):Ok I just noticed it doesn't have a Preloader so I put one on it



Didn't get anything of that...
BTW: IT SAYS IN THE NEWGROUNDS RULES, that you shall NOT submitt unfinished pieces...!!!

Trilliams responds:

Where the hell does it say that?
and also its not unfinished it might continue if i get enough good reviews if not well then it will be gone


Very boring, not gripping/stopped watching it early.

Try and make the tweens faster and possibly putting more detail in to the animation. Some sort of story is always good


way too slow. it was so boring, i couldn't even stand to watch it!!! Work on your flash skills, bro.

Trilliams responds:

Yeah I have I made this a very long time ago I just wanted to see if people liked it so yeah and the answer is that they don't so it will eventually be Blamed and people will be happy

You're not allowed to submit in parts.

Not only that, but it's much too long and full of pointless nothingness. Don't submit just an intro, because then we get the idea of the story, we wait, we forget, then we don't care and we don't know what's happening. Also, if you want a preloader, download one. Open it's file and copy the first frame onto the first frame into your timeline. Anyway, it's too slow.

Trilliams responds:

huh yeah


The tween animations took too long.
I wouldn't personally have DK 64 music myself. Doesn't really give me an "Ultra" feeling, more or less a "retro" feeling.
I really couldn't find a plot, perhaps it wasnt meant to have one, but i would think so based off the title "Intro"

Work on tweens and animating, music and plot, and you could very well get somewhere.

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2.16 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2008
4:14 AM EDT
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