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Akuma's bike :c

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Basically, I made this flash for class in about a day, and got an A on it. Took about 8 hours. I personally think it sucks, but whatever. lolar, might as well upload.


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Right in the jewels. LOL Elisa would definitely be disappointed. She would've stated, "Why did you even took that bike? Now we can't have kids. You can't even get it up anymore." Nice short film. Really smooth.

I hate to be a downer but I'mma quote Retarted Animal Babies...
"That sucked...
That sucked the gay right outta liberatchi's Anus -_-"

But on a positive note, your off to a good start.


Anyway... pretty nice. 7/10

Good i Like it

Nice job and damn y have you done.... anyway that is great job you do so keep you great work.


Animation was smooth. Over all it was simplistic - which in some cases is good, but not usually for this kind of scene. The jokes and text were just lame.

But the time frame and school project throw that to the wind. Very solid considering the circumstance.

Supersonic89 responds:

Thanks for at least understanding the circumstance. He gave us a week to figure out Swishmax + animate a music video.

On the 6th day I said "fuck it" and made this movie in good ol' flash mx.

most of the text is considered fillers for music. The beginning, I just turned to my friend Zac and asked, "Quick, what's akuma going to say?" "now ken?" and that's what we got :P