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Alphie 2853 prequel

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Author Comments


This is a music vid, so sorry i couldn't add dialogue.
Hopefully you can make out the story by what's available.

This took me about five weeks to make, but that was nothing compared to my other movie that this prequel is based on, Cyborgkid 2853 pt 1 which took me almost a year.
Everything has received a dramatic visual upgrade compared to the latter.

For those of you that havent seen my other two movies, this story takes place in 2853 AD, and is about a bio-mechanical boy who lived his first 14 years in a lab back in the mid- 21st century. Back then he wasn't a robot, but he was scheduled to be fused with one when he grew up. He became so curious he just wanted to touch the bionic suit, but suddenly the building surveillance AI, roodikan, went corrupt and fused him to the bionic suit.
Now, since Cyborgkid is mechanical, he can't age at all, and has suffered as a freak for 800 years, and has been driven practically insane from living so long.
He chases the AI that ruined his life, traveling from planet to planet, star system to star system. He also kills any unfriendly alien locals who get in his way. >:D Now THAT's the fun part.

This is the prequel, the story behind the concept.
I hope you like it, and look at the one that comes after this.


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Just a comment on your graphics

I don't see it here, but I noticed in a review for another of your flicks that someone had dissed your graphics. For the record, I don't see it a poor quality at all - I see it more as your style. Sure, things could be drawn more realistically, but by and large folks don't watch toons to see photorealistic action. Even if you're still just developing your skills, I could very easily believe every line and color is exactly how you want it to be - just because it's "you". Things others call flaws are actually what gives an artist their own individual "flavor". I like the taste of your work. ;-) Keep it up! :-)

vezanmatics responds:

thank you so much, that really means a lot.

and yes, i have a very developed style.

Line tool and simple but effective color gradations are most apparent, while solid colors and the paintbrush tool are very rarely used by me. I don't know how everyone else uses the paintbrush tool and gets such a neat line.. for me it always ends up real sloppy.

I'm actually watching this right now and thinking, wow, this is.. really crappy.

Anyway, thanks for your support. :)


great Job Man :D

Pretty well done

I haven't seen the other Cyborgkid entries (there are others, right?) but I was pretty impressed by this. I didn't think the animation or story was top-notch per se, but it still worked out pretty well, as I especially liked the protoganist's design.

Oh, I just realized you put the description of this story in your description. Geez, and I thought I was a good observer.

vezanmatics responds:

Aw, gee, you shouldn't've.

This is actually crap compared to my newer ones, if you haven't seen them, you really should.

wow dude nice job

your doing well so far:) you got an awsome story going keep it up. :)


i love this concept, plus with a club helping you out I keeping a watch on whats to come. To help out with your character, look up the episode of ben 10 alien force called "Paradox", its about a professor who can go through wormholes and has lived for eons. you can also try looking up Dr. Who, just some ideas to get the pesonality of cyborgkid.

... all and all, looks to me like the beggining of an awesome series, good luck man!

vezanmatics responds:

You know what? See the other stuff I made if you liked this. View my profile.

BTW, my series is a little more serious than a cartoon network kids show. Thanks for the advice, though! :)

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2008
5:28 PM EDT