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Not much to say, I love my wife and I made all these cards for her from the day we got together, I made a 1st month anniversary card for her, and went all the way through 1 year with those, and then we got married, so I added those on too as well, now on month 5, just added that one into this movie, seeing as today is that 5th month card right now Sept. 7th. So thats pretty much all there is to say, hope you like it.

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hey this is your friend Greg

you did a really good job. way to go. you are really creative.

Nice Job

You did a nice job Bro. Waiting to see your other stuff!

zergtillian responds:

keep waiting then, it'll be a long while =P

Sweet, but not meant for Newgrounds

I can appreciate that you love your wife, and praise your craftsmanship with paper cards, but this flash is not something the newgrounds public will be interested in. You basically created a flash animated slide show using only the most basic capabilities of flash, rather than an actual animation. It does not have storytelling content. In a private and personal capacity it's good, but it's not competitive. You can share it with your wife and family, but this is not the kind of stuff we look for on newgrounds, with all due respect. I hope you will continue to use flash and eventually submit a solid, sophisticated animation that other people cann identify with.

zergtillian responds:

I respect your imput, and know that I know all you say is true. This is something I made for my wife, more just for her, but thought of the idea of seeing if this would hold up to newgrounds, and had my wifes support to put it on, otherwise I wouldn't dare to put it up. So just so you know, I know exactly what type of things should be up on newgrounds, and I have been working on one for sometime now. Had one up awhile back, didn't hold up, seeing as I didn't know how to add sound, otherwise it would have did good I'm sure. But I now know how to add sound, and its already good so far, but has a long time before it will be up on this

That is so sweet

It's really sweet that'd you'd make this for the one you love!

zergtillian responds:

Why thank you, I thought so too, and so does she

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4.85 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2008
1:45 PM EDT