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Zero Gravity ep. 1

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This is the start of what I'm hoping will become a series. Basically, it takes place in a random military defence space station with seemingly no purpose. It's run by a troublemaker who just wants to have fun at other peoples' expence. There's really no storyline to it, I didn't write a script(though I should've). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


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I love it!


This was really cool.the animation was good,and i liked the cartoon style.it kind of reminds me of my style.the voice acting was very good and the speakonia voice was good for the robot guy.good work!


Pretty good

This is a really good flash, however, it seems like the voice actors are talking way too quietly, and it sounds really odd to hear them talk. In future episodes, you might consider speaking up a bit. It was really funny, and I'll be following this series for a long time :D

creative and i do hope that more episodes wil come

the jokes r pretty good and its a nice creative series. however the art could use a little work, unless u were working freehand with a mouse. but aside from that the animation was pretty smooth! lagged a bit at times but that was all. if this was ur first flash then for a first flash this is pretty good!

ThePatstar responds:

heh, actually I did work freehand with a mouse. This was taking me way too long to make, so I did have to hurry through some parts. That, and I don't have enough money to buy a tablet. Unfortunately, it'll be quite some time before the next one gets done. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

A little work...

I love the overall "theme", and the animation is great. Get some voice talent and some backstory and you've got a humdinger. Keep the plot holes, its what makes it so good...