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"A Slice of the Action"

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Isn't pizza awesome?

So this isn't really a cartoon, but more the animated equivalent of something you think of saying halfway through a conversation and it could either go down really well, or just come out really retarded and lose you some friends, but you start saying it for the fuck of it and kind of have to finish your own sentence...yeah it's that...but like with flash.

Love to all my NGers, go play Epic War it's badass


Happy Harry

P.S. Please watch before deciding to vote 5 :)

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Unexpected, LOL!

Wasnt expecting that!! Laughing hella hard!!! 💯💯💯💯

watched. Still voted 5.

Dude... wow. I mean wow... I totally didn't see that one coming. I really did think he was going to be a giant dick... but riding a pterodactyl and ripping his girlfriend to shreds... what in the actual fuck! You're a demented genius!

Well Michael is simultaneously the most terrible yet the most awesome teenage boyfriend ever! Also, it's funny how what he's thinking during the "pondering" scene is so out of left-field from what we would typically think it is both funny and awesome. Great job!