Michael's Mind

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First used in "A Slice of the Action".

A piece designed to accompany any scene where shit comes in contact with a fan.


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This is epic and awesome at the same time! Reminds me a bit of God of War but less epic. That's not a bad thing though.

I do in fact recall this. I don't, however, remember it from "A Slice Of The Action". Wait, it was probably "Misinterpretive Porn Star". It's great that you used such an awesome song in two awesome submissions! Of course, you're so great it's hard to imagine you doing anything wrong. It does build up drama.

It just reminds me of those two awesome cartoons you made. It's, of course, still great on its own. It does make me think about a prehistoric era. That actually was featured in your cartoon. Wait, did I just give away the ending to that?


made me laugh just thinking about where this ws used in "A slice of the actions" and "Misinterpretive porn star" haha great!


This is what goes on in Michael's mind.

lower him sorgato

"Yesh masta." "the final days are at hand for this is the day of reckoning , MUHUHUHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!"