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Let's just get one thing straight; I do not work for the company that makes Doritos. I came up with this animation with the intentions of having something to put in my job-porfolio for when I try to persue some kind of art-related career. Therefore, I felt that the animation itself should probably be something like an advertisement since that probably would appeal to most companies. At the same time, it's still ment to be an entertainment and not just a commercial.

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the sound seems a little err... bad... like pre recorded VHS bad... like cassette tape bad...

Well THAT proves the world wrong

I ll sue Doritos for global warming! That ota do it!

This proves Al Gore wrong

And here we thought that our dependence on fossil-fuels cause global warming :P
Gr8 flash btw

Haha rofl

I think they would actually do that rofl

*Falls onto floor laughing*

Awesome! The fire rain part was funny (especially the head of the penguin) and, the way the doritos had an aura. I give it a 12 (rating scale only goes up to 10. Dammit!)

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4.40 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
9:55 PM EDT