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Cyberen Smokes Weed

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Author Comments

REMINDER FROM AUTHOR: The REAL Cyberen AKA ItchyBarney has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer (yes it can happen in males; no it's not funny). Though he will not die, he could use all the support he can get. Please go to http://cyberen.newgrounds .com and let him know that Newgrounds is there for him while he is recovering. It REALLY means a lot to him.

Also, I'd like to point out that this is the only episode so far in the story arc following my brave buddy Cyberen that is entirely fictional, in the sense that the real Cyberen is NOT on medicinal marijuana. Please wish him well on his newgrounds profile, because the only thing he has for the pain right now is us .

At the Happy Hospital, emptied of puke by the good doctor, but full of agonizing pain from the chemo, Cyberen asks Dr. Buttswallows what can be done for the pain. Dr. Buttswallows prescribes medical marijuana, and Cyberen starts getting legally high. At one point, in his high state of mind, Cyberen allows Jhonen Vasquez to double-team him with a horse - something he normally would be too nervous to attempt! Cyberen is pain-free and living the life he always wanted, but when he finds out that the evil Mayor McChode is trying to ban medicinal marijuana, Cyberen's buzz is seriously killed!

When Cyberen organizes a protest, his buddies who stood by him all the way through his cancer treatment are at first sympathetic, but as time goes on, Cyberen's use of the medicinal marijuana becomes less and less noble! When they think of the way the Cyberen that they loved used to sit on the couch in skid-marked tighty-whiteys all day, playing with his cancerous man-tits, and stuffing his face with cheetos, while saying really stupid stuff he thought sounded intellectual, they almost want to cry when they see him sitting on the couch all day, stoned, in skid-marked tighty-whiteys, stuffing his face with cheetos, playing with his cancerous man tits, and saying really stupid stuff he thinks sounds intellectual. Cyberen's pals have no choice but to go behind Cyberen's back and help the evil Mayor McChode by burning all of the medicinal marijuana in Alamosa!

Will Cyberen be able to get his fix, or will he find out that all he really needs to support him through this terrible illness is the love and support of the friends who are always there for him?

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That was stupid

Entirely. The music was mediocre. It's just a fricken pixel cheerleader next to a bad picture. It looks like you spent more time commenting about it than putting work into it. This is just shameful.

Princess-Laucherella responds:


Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
8:44 PM EDT