Pokemon Gear

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It's my first Flash animation story...
Sorry for the story and text, i make this anime on 3 days (not rest 24h/24h lol) and i not good write english or american (T_T)... i am french.. (°_°)


Not that good

Sadly, it isn't that related to Metal Gear Solid, apart from the fact that Metal Gear appears in it as the powerful killer pokemon. If you want to make it more MGS like, you could perhaps add more sneaking and stealth kills, but that wouldn't really fit too well in the world of Pokemon.

Other than that, improve the quality of the sprites and special effects that you use, especially the special effects. You could also add voices as an option too and perhaps improve the plot a bit. Try making it feel a bit more like the actual Pokemon game as far as text and the battle screen goes too.


well first i thin was something with gears of war but its ned cool i like how you kill the pokemos XD

trop raison lol

hmm man belle animation le texte etait po si pire trser mieux que rien lol
tu rock <3
PS: Keru this was his 1st animation STORY

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let me start this off by asking you if you are seven.. ARE YOU SEVEN!!!
dont get me wrong pokemon was cool back in the day but i grew up.

Nice one

It's good for a first try thought. Keep up the practice.

PS: You're not the only one who'se french :3

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2.75 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2008
10:17 AM EDT
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