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Sonic Next Gen Randomness

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A Spoof of Sonic Next Gen for PS3 and Xbox360. I've notices that nobody has made one yet, so here's my attempt. Hope you enjoy!!:) For some reason frame rate slows down when I watch it on internet explorer, so its recommended you use firefox. If anyone knows how I can fix the frame rate on firefox, let me know. It goes 20 fps on firefox and 16 on explorer.???

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I like shadow's lunch box!

Silver BOOM!

(I'm not emo!)

Sonic Died

after Sonic Heros 2 sonic games sucked to the point u never hear about sonic anymore

Not bad anyway

Kinda funny

not too bad.

Not the best but not bad. Well, Slow the text a bit, because it was gone faster than it came up. I can't read that fast. Anyway, are you making more? This would be a good series. are you going to do more for other two new gen sonic games?

C-leb responds:

Well,I made this back in April, but I just uploaded it to Newgrounds the other day. I may make on of Sonic Unleashed and maybe Black Night. I have been busting my butt of working on a Chowder parody right now, so that should be up very soon. I kind of have a series on youtube. Go to my profile, and click on my site to see the rest of my videos. They get better and better. Trust me, you are not going to want to watch Randomness 1-7.

Not bad really...

Couple things were off and weren't well made. But the overall appearance was good. The Voices were sometimes hard to understand and it looks like you just pre-made the graphics and just over wrote it to close the eyes. Also, I didn't really like the ending. I found it wasn't necissary to make Blaze's eyes red from anger. Maybe she could be slightly annoyed, but I saw no reason for extreme anger.

I laughed when they said they were gonna search for the Iblis Trigger and Sonic was walking by slowly in the background XD

Overall I say a 7/10 and a 3/5. Try a little Harder, or spend a bit more time to make something everyone would enjoy. (Specifically that yabyub...)

Sonic Next-Gen was an great game in my opinion. Sure it had some flaws (The way how it's easy to get lost, and the somewhat difficult Controls.), but it was a solid game overall.

C-leb responds:

Ya, the reason I didn't change the whole drawing was because I spent so much time drawing the characters, and I didn't really want to re draw them over again because they would probably look worse than the first ones. I actually liked sonic next gen to. I consider it a Sonic Adventure 3. I am taking a flash class in highschool now, so I should be able to make better movies in the future.