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Destroyer Clocks

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Well, my original idea was much greater, however I wanted to get this up before everyone forgot what "Clock Destoryer" was. I leave it on a cliff hanger though... :)

Trae was drawn by my good friend, the creator of the "Pinto Rydas" series, so check that out!

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^^Good Points^^
Not bad drawings. You had tasteful use of gradients and the shaping was good with good drawings. I liked the speakonia, and once I understood the storyline, this was a pretty good movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
This movie was way too confusing the way you made it. I originally thought the black guy was killing the clocks, but for some reason you made it so that the stick figure with a clock face was the enemy of the clocks? That made no sense at all. It only started making sense once the last clock came out, and even now I'm not sure about this.

Kinda Odd...

I dont think that guy was a clock, anyway it was ok.


Again this clock movie is completly different from your other ones the voices are changed again and the graphics have changed and what is with putting yourself in the movie? lol i think that is a nice touch.


that was crap you have no idea how powerful stickman clock is...dont try to change isitari's flash make your own up this movie was not even close to comparison of clock destroyer please make up your own movie
p.s. those who dont know watch clock destroyer if you havent seen it like the guy b4 me