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Wegra Adventure 5

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Author Comments

Ah another Wegra adventure! I meet a couple of friends and weirdos. And I go snorkaling! I hope you enjoy! It's longer and less screwy then Wegra Adventure 4. Enjoy and don't forget to leave a review!

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Choppy animation.

Not too impressive. Very choppy and seemed more like a powerpoint than an animation.

Quite well done. The voices were very bad and some dialogue didn't have sound added, no lipsync was apparent as well. The MGS sound was well added but more sound effects were needed.

Very bad art...I'm sure you can do better. Don't get me wrong, some good art was used but it needs a lot of improvement. In a few scenes no backgrounds were used, if you added some the whole flash would feel more professional.

Humour: 5/10:
A few good jokes, nothing too original though.

Not much needed, so not much added.

I'm glad you added a preloader, but I only give good marks for this if you created your preloader yourself.

I didn't like the style of this flash. Not much else to say.

Violence:Not rated:
No violence.

V-Camming:Not rated:
No vCam used.

I've seen a lot better, I've seen a lot worse.


A strange addition to the series...

The graphics, like your other flashes, were just like a slide show. But this one goes quite strangely. The main character changes in between scenes. And during some parts you didn't even bother making a background. The whole movie would look so much better if you had colour during the whole thing.

The audio was pretty non existent. The slight bit of talking from the dots and the silly background music on the beach, sums everything. If the main character talked and just didnt have text floating beside him it would've been much much better. You also need to add more sound clips.

Overall, this movie just has the feel of laziness. The story has been worked on a bit, even though it seems not to have a direction. You need to work on the finished product, and it would be so much much better.

=Review Request Club=

what is the point

Visuals: why do you continue to draw these so poorly, they could be so much better if you put some effort into them, major improvements are needed here

Audio: other than the fact only one character actually speaks and the only other sound was the beach music it was ok as far as the sound goes, try adding sound effects and give your characters some voices

Overall: I don't really get why after so many submissions that you continue to draw so poorly, because it is the single worst point of the movie, all other things could be forgiven if the there were half decent drawings, keep at it

.:Review Request Club:.

Small improvement

Tell me, do you have Attention Defecit Disorder? You really don't seem to have the patience to work through these projects, which is a little worrying, considering how many of these flash you've created.

I think that you need to work on your drawing style, so that the images of Wegra look the same - it doesn't even give us that at the moment, especially when you can't be bothered to colour in the frames half the time.

I think that some animation is also called for, rather than just sliding the characters around, make them move, so that they appear to be walking, for example.

Please pay attention to these issues, as I'd hate to see you continue with this kind of lousy quality animation, when I believe that you do have the potential to come up with something worthy of being called a decent flash.

[Review Request Club]

A lot better then the other ones.

Animation/Graphics - Well still terrible, but it's a lot better then what you use to have to be honest. The stickmen are poorly drawn at times and at others they are decent. I have a feeling that you want something along the lines of that though so I'm not really going to comment further one that. Also, I think two things that could improve your score by a lot would be making the background a lot better in each part and adding more actual animation. Both of these things could vastly improve on your score.

Story - A little funny I guess, but nothing too great in my opinion. A couple of things may have made me smile, but very little if they did. If your going for humor in your submissions, which I assume you are, then try and get funnier each and ever time. Everyone knows that great humor can really add to a submission whether the animation is or isn't good.

Audio - Decent audio in terms of music. I don't really like that voice that was used too much, but at the same time it's not terrible. Maybe start voice acting or get someone else to voice act for you? That would also probably help your score a little bit.

Overall - Maybe still a bit on the spammy side, but it does look like you are getting better so keep working.


~ Review Request Club ~

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2008
11:47 PM EDT