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Madness Fusion Preview

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Here is a small preview of me and Rorychally's upcoming movie, "Madness Fusion", which is supposed to be released on "Madness Day". Thanks to Krinkels for the base sprites. I hope to enjoy the "Madness Fusion Preview".


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Never upcoming movie


I agree with the comments below this is gonna rock hard!

looks balls to the walls awesome

looks well animated. I also like the intro though the
"when to men get to geather" line... laughted a bit at that.

snazzy choice of music too.

I'm ready for the movie. Don't let us down.

i like the music

What I've seen so far is great, but keep working on when they walk.


Excellent preview!
I like the look of it so far(even if the look wasnt much)
The music went great with the preview and ill be waiting for the full thing!
PS:How do you get the quality of the music to change?
In my preview the audio quality went pretty low.