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This a fun flash that started as a bordom project but i lengthened it to create a really cool morph/move video. Hope You like it!(check out my other videos, also review, review, REVIEW!!! I want to know what you guys think!) THIS IS THE FINISHED VERSION. I am going to start working on Super mario adventure 2 now.


Great job

I remember the night when u wer bored outta ur mind and u decided just to make some random animation, but tht random animation grew longer and more uhh random. It was pretty outstanding animation for like 2 hours work, the only 2 things i thought can be improved are: when the tree is growing, the branches all of a sudden just appear and they dont grow like the rest of the tree, and the transition from the end to the beginning was pretty rough even though it totally makes sense when u loop it. Keep up the good work


hahaha.. this was like a weird dream thing with no meaning. haha i really enjoyed it, it has a nice peacefull tone to it. job well done, but still you can do better.

this has come a long way.

having seen the previous two editions, i am happy to see a longer and more random animation. the part when the tree explodes is funny (because trees don't explode..), but it growing from the ground was a bit stilted. overall you and your animation have improved much from what i've seen. great stuff, keep it coming. or don't.

Enlightener57 responds:

Lol. Thanks a lot man. I have seen your reviews on all 3 versions now and im very thankfull for your your support

Well it's somethink mid.

Try more, work harder.
"y so serious" image sucked.
work on ur drawing, try to draw on paper 1st.


Look at the title.

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Sep 1, 2008
12:28 AM EDT
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