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Hello. My last version of this didn't work out too well, so I took a couple of hours and worked on it again, and I thank my fellow newgrounders for being so brutally honest. I added sound, and what technically can be called a 'background'. I have yet to figure out how to make buttons, so it's just on an annoying loop, so when you're sick of it, just close it, lol. I tried to put in the preloader but this error kept on popping up 1021: Duplicate function definition. I dunno, but I did my best to fix it.


ADDITION: Okay, now I have a new preloader. And I got it to stop, but buttons still escape me.

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i loved it XD

short but good

better than the previous one. a little longer, and some actions to stop it from looping automatically and maybe a replay button would really help. good work.

BungieCord responds:

well, i got it to stop looping, but actionscript 3.0 makes buttons nearly impossible.

thx though

Good try!

Very well done! The voices were okay, and the effects with the mouth (I think it is voice sound effects for the pssew) You could try and put on the actionscript for the last frame stop();. Then make a button by making a circle or something into a symbol, and add the code gotoAndPlay(#); with the # replace by the frame you want the movie to start on.

BungieCord responds:

thx, i did try, i am not what you call an expert in flash and Action Script 3.0 makes trying to make buttons a royal pain.


that's really good!
And ending... LOL!