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Super mario quest 3

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I frowned apon the animation in this flash oh well a flash is a flash


:( not good

I've been watching your other things and what I see is that you got worse from your last flash movie. I don't mean to pay you out or anything but serial. If you want help with animation and stuff PM me.

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yeah but there is a difference

There is a difference between a good flash and a bad one. A good flash gets people to respect you and let you know that you're flash is great. And a bad one.... well let's just say on one would want to see any of your flashes ever again. It's the same thing for a movie. Director don't see a problem with the movie and say well a movie is a movie, because then nobody would want to see the movie, or if they do, then most of them would want their money back and complain to the director, and the producers. Same with a musician making a song, or an author making a book. You really needs to improve on your animation.... a lot. Basically you just got lazy and made a half fast job on this flash. It's like homework. You need to remake this flash and make it a whole lot better. You're getting more lazy, like you don't care about the work that you make. It sickens me when people do that. It's a waste of time for both the person that is working on something and the people to watch it. Come on man, I know you can do better. Actually I would redo the whole thing and have a story to it, and everything. I'm just saying this for you of constructive criticism.

Toad5355 responds:

Im not mad thankyou for constructed criticism everything that you said was true please PM me if you have any tips

w8 a sec

wut just happened. i dont get it someone explain tis 2 me


For the image of mario that you put next to his text, you should only put his head up there, the whole image is to big. Not all the sound matches up with the animation, and the trees, when they explode (?) behind him, that part needs work, cuz all the sudden they're behind mario and they just blow up. The spikes also need work, they look hollow and not very sharp.

Stuff happens to slowly

Everything in the animation feels very sluggish. Try to speed up the animations a bit and recreate the supermushrooom, don't just amass them together.

The text area could be improved by putting a text box and having only mario's head, instead of having a phantom floating mario.

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
8:48 PM EDT
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