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Ode to Elevator Music

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Who here hates it when you walk onto an elevator and you have to hear that god awful music that they are always playing? Well if you share in this pain here is the truth of the matter.

Imagine this:

You a very bussy man/women is now late for a meeting so you are very stressed out, and you could even lose your job. Now you have also gotten very little sleep due to the great amount of work you did the night before and the little sleep that accompanied it. Now thinking nothing can make it any worse you take the elavtor to go meet your very angery boss.

Once in the elevator your stress is only fed by the very annoying music; or what the people that play it like to call music. After a short time you know this was a huge mistake, because now you are ready to Committee sucide way before your boss gets a chance to kill you. The regret for ever getting in this torture chamber is great and now you must live with the regret as you climb 100 stories.

(This is funny if you actually think about it for 2 seconds)

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the greatest burden that man can experience...

is a short flash, but im guessing this is your first by the quality of it, so im giving you a 6 out of compassion....


I assume certain people don't quite understand the message, obviously I thought the reality of the matter was less than appealing to most and thus people lost sight of what it was really about. I on the other hand have placed close attention to it and although the message is relatively abstract, in the same way it's rather simple. This is why I liked the movie. Because you've obviously got a great mind, but perhaps in future you could make your movies somewhat longer and try to place some form of proper animation in to convey your message better. Kudos, and I will keep this message in mind, because I often am quite regretful of past decisions, and it has weighed me down somewhat. Still, life goes on, and good luck.

SprintT responds:

Nice to see someone gets it :)


This is quite high score for a low quality video but I guess I gave you this because of the B in it.


SprintT responds:

It sure has logic if you thought about the meaning of the expression. It can be used in more than just that situation.


So what is it that you regret? Do you perhaps regret not having written such a simple song and submitting it to the Audio portal yourself?

I think that you've lost me with this offering, as it could have a great many meanings. The letters in red don't spell out anything that I could make out, so there was no subliminal message. It's a very simple slideshow, that could have been so much more, if for a key component, that was forethought.

I wonder if that is what you regret?

I regret not being able to write anything more positive about this flash.

[Review Request Club]

SprintT responds:

Take what you wish from this peice and scorn me all you like. I applaud. As to what I regret I choose to keep that to my self for it is irelivent to the flash.


Is this based on your own experiences? I agree with you, regret is in fact a burden. This flash, however, isn't very good. It's just words and no actual animation. I liked the music choice.

The points I give this flash is based on how much effort you put into it and how good it actually looks. It looks smooth, but it's short and I can't imagine that you put much effort into it. It would be unfair to give it over 5 points just because it's based on simplicity and is good in that way...

[Review Request Club]

SprintT responds:

Thanks for the review. Fair enough.