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The Grayscale Spirit

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A collaboration of people from stickpage asked to make a black and white entry for a somewhat random collaboration for fun, pieced together along with the music of mrmilkcarton

The entrants are as follows:
Prince of Pimps/rawgreen

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Nice concept, well done animators.


The concept was good and it all fitted together, while the 'thoughts' didn't seam tormenting at all the whole idea aded a nice base to it.

I felt it ruined about half way through when some twit used coloufull trails. This is a small point but it stood out when I was watching this.

The animation ranged from well done in your case to very poor in one or two of the parts. These people probably know who they are.

I loved the abstract drawings but again a few people felt they need to go sticks with weapons/fighting again. Tawniks was an exception as while it conatained his version of sticks it was still illogical.

Overall I was impressed but if this had been open for a few more weeks or more of the people like you had submitted parts it would have been far better. I'm removing the 2/10 for the poorer animations and the odd twisting of the theme (the colour) which shouldn't have been allowed.

MarcK responds:

the only color in the entire animation was at the end, which was a part of the plot.

Thanks scorpio.

My part was crap.................

Lacked a climax.............
but still enjoyable, just a slow pace.


I remember you PM'ed me, asking if I wanted to take part in this. But after I screwed up on Monochrome I decided not to. Now, I wish I had.

The animation was superb, and I loved how you managed to work a plot into it rather than just lots of short animations crammed together. The music was brilliant, and worked very well with the animation. I'm amazed how well this collab turned out. Well done.

Nice mix

Nicely mixed together. A collab is always good to see, too many short unchanging animations are usually boring.
The quality was a tad low, but it was nice to watch, had a good story [if you tried to envision it while watching of course], and good music to match.
A 9/10 on stars, but still a 5/5 on score.

Ok then, I'll vote low because...

This is once again another collab where semi-talented folks are just getting together to mash-up their work into one, longer piece to try to inflate their overall score. By themselves, these pieces would not be all that interesting. The art was mediocre, the use of gray-scale, while an interesting idea as a constraint, wasn't used in any astounding way. The animation was good and smooth, but that's about it. If posted individually, these flashes would be scored in the 5-6 star range (some might even get blammed). But, since everyone automatically bumps collabs up +3 stars, you're getting an over-inflated score for what your work is actually worth. However, the work shows promise and creativity. Instead of collabing on your own, separate things, then mashing them together as a series of shorts, why not collab to make one, full flash movie, each person doing a scene of the movie, or animating certain characters? That way it's an actual, full movie, with a full story-line, instead of just snippets of work.

MarcK responds:

I don't think you're right on the inflation bullshit.. =/

It's a project. You're taking it as if each short deserves these scores, which they dont, but some people like it when it's collaborated and vote well. It's not off of an equation. Your theory there, me thinks, is bullshit. :P

Thanks for the advice, the review, and a bit of help, I guess.