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Random Violent Fight

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I know some of the animation is crappy, and alot of things got screwed up, but I just wanted to make and submit anything... So... enjoy?

Everything by me, audio thanks to ParagonX9.

Sorry for the big filesize, guess the song took up a lot of memory. Oops.

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its ok, but some animation could use improvment, such as the walking, and you could also have the tophat guys a diferent color than the main guy, the music was cool, though....

Emby responds:

Yeah, the animation wasn't great... thanks for the review!


I don't mean no disrespect on this flash but the animation and framerates do really need some improvements, although the music is nice but still you could've added some sound effects in it then this would've been lot better.

Emby responds:

Yes, I get it, the framerate is low... Oh yeah and like I said, you usually have sound or music, not both, unless the music is quiet. And this was a test, out of boredom, with my week of experience with Flash.


yes the graphics need work. But the music was very good. If you improve the graphics it would be a pretty decent flash.

Emby responds:

Yup, I will when I make something else, most likely better.


The graphics need some work. The frame rate is low. Sound effects would be nice. The style of the whole thing is okay, but the graphics could be better.

Emby responds:

Well yeah, I just got Flash, so I'm still testing and playing around. If I wanted to make something good, it would look smooth, and nice. I'm just a beginner ya know...

Actually, its not that bad.

That wasn't too bad a movie. The only thing I didn't like was the gradients. They just didn't fit with the rest of animation. Sound effects would have made it better too perhaps. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what you contribute to the portal in the future.

Emby responds:

Well thanks. Though, sound effects wouldn't be that great, if you have music added in.

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3.41 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2008
2:33 PM EDT