CHIP War 2

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Really I think its a BIG improvement you still cant hear anything but thats why I added subtitles which makes it A LOT better and If you haven't seen the first one please do so now because you wont understand anything I'm not saying your gonna understand anything anyway but It would probably help if you have seen the first one and if you've seen the first one and still cant understand whats going on you'll understand as the story goes on...




I don't have anything to say that's good at all so I will say this, I highly consider to never waste your time sumiting a very useless video that has no meaning, but just wates time of anyone that would care to watch it. I now say if the video isn't over at least 3.5 of a rank then it's a complete waste of tie and life to bother to create.

Trilliams responds:

ok i understand but just cos its under 3.5 doesn't mean its completely shit i mean I've seen some good things that wasn't over 3.5 well probably now there like 3.thousand but that doesn't matter any way thanks for the review always good to get reviews


weird and no proper plot really... yea they killed someone close to him he really looks angry lol

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waaaaay to short!

he was in the house for about 20 seconds and there was only one ghost. but good animation style just make it longer.

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Trilliams responds:

Ok I'll Make another one that will be longer and better


No good. In fact, terrible. Very basic flash animation, and no need to bring you down, but i just straight up hated it. Not funny, not well animated, all around bad. I'm sorry, but you need to develop some more flash skills before reposing. I wish you the best.

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2.65 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2008
2:21 AM EDT
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