The Dot Of Excellence 6

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Full title: The Dot Of Excellence 6: The Movie

This movie actually has a plot. I had this idea for 2 months and finally put it to work. So here it is. The dot of excellence 6 In all it's fucked up randomness. Oh and leave a review. I will respond.

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Dots can't swim!!! who are you trying to fool!?! lol jk it was an actual animation this time funny!!!


It seems like quite a bit of effort was put into this but it just wasn't up to scratch.

Graphically this is quite poor. With very little animation, you seem a bit cheated. It's like a slide show. And the little animation there is,is way too fast to be appreciated. You really need to work on your drawings, and maybe bring some sort of V-Cam into play.

The audio was pretty cool. Looks like you put some time into it. Even though it was done on Audiocity. Nice bit of random dialogue always good. Would've been good with some sound effects but that's something but yet another thing to work on.

Overall the story was so random that it just worked. Would like to see where you can take this series from here. But work on some things and it'll be grand.

=Review Request Club=

Seen worse, but...

The graphics were bad and looked like something that could have been made in MS Paint in five minutes. No advanced use of colors and shading. The entire animation didn't have too many frames either.

I personally dislike Microsoft Sam/Mike/Mary/etc. voices, and some real voice acting would have been much better.

Overall, a rather bad animation. Use some more time on your next one, if you plan to make some serious flash.

[Review Request Club]

Wegra responds:

Personally, I can't picture the Dot with a human voice. However you got me with a my own voice. That good enough for ya?


Visuals: Not the best, but I've seen worse, at least i could make out what was going on and I liked the backgrounds, the text was hard to read though so that is one area you could improve on

Audio: I'm not a big fan of the computer sounding voices but it worked in getting across what they're saying and went well with the random theme, still try some real voices next time

Overall: Very Random and somewhat funny because of that, there are still many things that need improving, and that is why I give it such a low score

.:Review Request Club:.


Animation/Graphics - Terrible, but like I said in my review for your other submission I really do think that you want it that way. The only real way to improve your score vastly on this is to work on adding actual animation like things moving instead of a different screen every single time.

Story - FUNNY. It actually made me laugh a little bit and whenever a movie makes me laugh then I give it a few extra points on it's rating. That does mean though if it wasn't funny that your submission would of probably only gotten 1 star from me. So do work on other things like audio and animation without taking away from the humor of the submission too much. The text needed to be slower in some parts and faster in the others.

Audio - I didn't really like this voice this time around. It made it hard to understand all of the voices. I really think a voice actor or even your voice would be better here. That's just my personal reference though I guess.

Overall - Kind of funny, but still needs to be worked on to be considered good in my eyes.


~ Review Request Club ~

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
8:07 PM EDT
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