A Message From Your Comp.

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Your computer would like to send you a series very special messages.



dude i dunno whats wrong with you, but you can do better than this, Maybe some real work wouldn't kill ya? 'ey?
There should be a rule against this garbage :\

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Grumio responds:

There are a few within all this crap.

And yes.

yep i'm deaf now.

I think my ear drums just exploded!
Pointless flash!

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nice animation nice sprites nic flash.

Does it ever finish?

I like Ike.

Ouch, my bleeding ears >.<

Ugh. You know something is very wrong with the world of Flash when a submission creator's logo is better than the actual submission.

I'm not sure whether this really was meant to be a joke, or a way for you to send out an offensive message while hiding behind the facade of it being "from the computer", but if it was the former you missed the mark. This joke might have worked with sound that was... well, at the very least turn it down, that was ear-splitting, certainly to the point of spoiling any possible humour. And it could really have benefitted from some more effort graphically, say a monitor or a more believable computer font.
Of course, all of this critism is in the futile hope that this really was just meant for amusement.

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Grumio responds:

Are you people honestly this retarded?

Jesus Christ, maybe I should have named this flash "Shit in my Dickhole", and then your common sense would kick in.

And you know it's bad when a non author preaches to an actual autho- OH WAIT, ALL THE TIME.

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1.32 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
3:48 PM EDT
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