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Wacky Pod Races

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Wacky Pod Races

Wacky Races meets Star Wars.

And now here they are... The most daredevil group of wacky pod pilots to ever fly their pods in the wacky pod races, competing for the title of the galaxy's wackiest pod racer.

**Front page. Thanks. I'll try and answer your comments ASAP, but some of your questions can be answered below.**

This was done in Flash 5 (we started this many moons ago). It messed up when we put it in the newest version of Flash, so had to just continue working on in in Flash 5.

This is the length of an actual Wacky Race cartoon. No more, no less. And the animation style matches the original, so is more basic than today's styles. We wanted to match the original cartoons in terms of animation style, humour and music. All the music is original & is by Big Yellow Hand. It's done in the style of the Cantina band in Star Wars. All the voices either match the original Wacky Races cartoon (like Leia's) or their Star Wars counterparts (Like the Battle Droids, Jar Jar etc).

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A lot of this was a double edged sword, particularly the animation. It really looked dated, but it did capture the style of the original cartoon. I didn't know they were this short. Most of it worked pretty well. You made Leia's gold bikini even hotter! Anyone deserves points for that.

Darth Dastardly was the real stand out here. The voices were pretty good. It was simply a good natured cartoon. Not that memorable, but nice. I guess it deserved its Daily 4th Place.

Wacky Races meets Star wars? Can't say I saw this coming.

is it just me or does darth dasterdly... sound like a high pitched shaggy fro scooby doo


that was the best star wars parody EVER!


penis sarlacc, gotta agree with ff syc. especially when the converter came out.....8===D

StuffAnimation responds:

We really didn't think about that when we scripted it. Sigmund Freud would have a lot to say about both of us.

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4.09 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
8:18 AM EDT