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Wow! I didn't think it was possible but I actually made a flash that is crappier then my professor layton one! Yay me! xD

Anyways...I was just bored so I felt like making a random collection of cartoons and junk. I own none of them, because I'm not that orginal. But Bane (my character) and JellyBeans (her dragon) make a little cameo too! :P I think that my favorite clip is the last one with Light.

Anyways again...the people featured in my flash are...
Zelda, Link, and Dark Link from Zelda (careful, there's a little yaoi! ^^;)
Roxas and Axel from Kingdom Hearts
Marth, Ike, Sonic, and Peach from Super smash brothers brawl (ssbb)
Light and L from Death Note
Jimmy and Gord from Bully
JellyBeans and Bane from my mind
and Altair and that one armed dude from Assassin's Creed

And everything else is in the credits at the end of the movie! xD Enjoy my boredom! Oh and caution, a bit of Marth bashing...o.o

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Very good work I must say .


yay deathnote!hey whats this.HHUUH,life note...

i loved how you included axel and roxas, my fav characters


I've watched this over and over and over on youtube! PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!