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The Tesseract: Part 1

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Seeing that this is here, I did manage to get a tesseract to work in Flash without crashing.

Sorry this took forever, but I've been busy, and the people who said they'd help me with the flaws that were in the last movie didn't help me.

Fortunately for some of you, this sequel to the Octahedron will be done in parts. so each movie is much shorter. However, it's the same idea, so IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ACTION, THIS ISN'T THE FLASH MOVIE FOR YOU.

If you can't stand mathematics, then this also isn't for you.

It goes without saying that if you didn't like my prequel, you probably won't like this one either.

a NOTE: There are two external text links included at the very end of the movie with all the bonuses, and I mistakenly left the URLs blank (stupid, I know). I will have those fixed ASAP. For now, if you want to know what they are, well, one of them is the URL itself, and the other, which links to a musician's page is in the audio links.

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Great Start!

The Tesseract is off to a great start! ^_^
It looks pretty promising, and I'm really looking forward to this sequel!
The animation and overall look has improved a bit....

Anyway, I hope this is better than the Octahedron! :)

P.S. You should combine all the parts into one when you've released all the parts. ;)

Good So far

Theese people just havn't seen the first one the octahedron which helps. The animation is very amazing. Keep up the good work and finish it up! I would love to see the rest!


Smart little man

Ya know he kind of reminds me of Link alittle, ya know minus color....and weapons ^_^'


you get the score for the good animation, but it was really wierd