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Blam Pt. 1

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Author Comments

This is the first installment of the series Blam. I know this part is really short, but I have been busy all year so I only had a week to make this. However, the proceeding parts after this will be much much longer. This installment only serves as a bit of an introduction into what is going on. If you're confused about the story line, then don't worry. That is suppose to happen. Everything will become clear as more and more installments are released.

Look for part 2 sometime between now and early 2009.

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grand story.

a great piraate-day/anti-clock-day! tribute!
i liked how you can see all this story and the back-ground of the character, among othr things, and also:
i like the ''non-clock'' clock design.
but,i think we should know more. WHY strawberry-clock, ''betrayed'' pirate-clcok?
WHY pirate has truned against SBC, and his friends(crew..)

and ummm how did he ''changed the rules?''

in the next installment(if there will be one)
please add more about the back-story/how pirate got to shoot SBC.
ALSO...loved the designs over pirate-clcok, and on sbc.

BTW, who was the voice actor?
i liked strawberry's voice actor, suited for a ''villain'', or ''angry'' voice..
but whoever did pirate's voice... was v. good, because he nailed the raspy voice tone, perfectly.
i wouldn't change a thing, both voice=actor'z were great, and the graphics, were awesome.

keep it up!


not bad.


I was getting chills through that! The atmosphere was awesome :D

nice but..

nice work!can't wait for part 2!Usually I hate clock work...but..this movie but change everything for about clock work!

quiet interesting

not bad can't wait to see part 2, and i hope there will be alot of action.