Zombific attack preview 2

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EDIT: The First part is out!!! the url for it is http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/460256

This is the new trailer for my movie, zombific attack. Before any1 asks, yes i've put work into the actual movie and not into the trailers alone. I was bored the day i made this and then i thought i shouldn't leave my viewers hanging. Well, this is it, 12 fps, a couple hundred frames, ACTUAL bullets, a smaller file and a bit of extra zest (including a starter's button :P). If you like it rate 3+. if not, still please rate 3+ (^_^'').
Well, go ahead and enjoy.


Better than part one :D

The text needs to be a little bigger so we can read it better plus some of it went by too fast. Animation wise it was stiff, add a few some different frames of them walking and whatnot to make it go smoother. Also, some background music would be cool too. It seems a little... empty is the word i guess. Keep working on it man.

30001 responds:

lol thanx. im still working on it tho i dont have all that much time to work on it. If you want, we can collaborate on it to make it better =D

its not alpha!

it bad animation.

30001 responds:


Nice blood, bad text

Nice blood is my only good comment on this. Was irritating on the text actually. Didnt see it when it was small and blue (also it was going away kinda fast)

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30001 responds:

yea, i kind of thought it was going away a bit fast but my computer is far to slow to let everything load correctly so it was slower for me. as i said before, its 12fps

I saved it!! so if it becomes famous i become famo

*looks cool* thank you thank you! lol so when is this coming out dude?

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30001 responds:

EDIT: The First part is out!!! the url for it is http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /460256

im trying to get it to finish as soon as possible. i so far have gotten it halfway done when it comes to ideas but i have to release it in parts because 10mb is too small. check out my first trailer and see what you think. if you want, i can notify you when its out!


I'd like to see mroe zombies die, can't wait 'till it's done.

And FYI, it is VERY poor form to ask people to vote for a specific score or higher.

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30001 responds:

i can show you a bit off of what im working of by this so dont worry, more zombies are going to die. also, there is a little surprise here if you can see my jist.

the score thing was what i saw from other popular videos so i cant really help it.

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2.58 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2008
1:05 AM EDT
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