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SRM Gear Solid: Snake Eat

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Author Comments

There was a Metal Gear Collab a while back, if you recall.
Many people joined, few were deemed worthy enough to be put into the first disc of the collab.
I was one of those who did not make it into the first disc.

Figuring my chances for the second disc weren't much better, I decided to release my segment on it's own. Here's the kicker - thanks to my new ubercomputer, I could put together a better looking, better sounding animation, and I doubled it's length!
Given the fact that it was originally a collab segment, that makes it something like 12 seconds.
I kid, I kid.
Anyway, hope you guys like it, and please add to the Metal Gear Solid collection!

PS: I know I've been ranting about parodies and unoriginality lately. This was just a fun little thing I had mostly put together already, taking up space as something that would never be used. Rather than waste the original effort, I figured it could have a nice home here on Newgrounds.


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Great stuff

Well, what an interesting take on MGS, with SRM... MGSRM, which seems to work.

The fact that you deviated from the voice of SRM this time works really well and gives a whole new dynamic to your work, especially when you use things like the "bocks" gag, for the usual touch of SRM.

Yes, maybe this was a little short and there could have been more gags in there revolving around stealth and Snake finding something to eat - perhaps a Nandos or Taco Bell, for example would have bulked it out - I liked the communications, though they seemed a little colourful, compared to what I'm used to seeing on that front.

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Battosai810 responds:

I was actually going to release it as SRMGS, but acronym titles don't turn out well for me - see NOTLS 2, 3, and redux.

The reasons I deviated from the standard SRM voice and language was because this was for that big Metal Gear Solid collab back in the day. My .fla was enormous for some reason that I could probably figure out now, and I guess the lack of cock jokes meant it couldn't fit in with that collab. Or the NG collab boys didn't find it funny enough; whatevs.

I think it says in the description that the reason this toon is so short is because of that collab. It said "30 seconds maximum" in the original requirements, so I built it around that. The cartoon originally ended with a guard walking up to the box and saying "You've got to be kidding me" and leaving it at that. Anyway, glad you liked the toon!

the flash won't play

is there a chance of you fixing it

Battosai810 responds:

Huh. That's new. I don't think it's terribly likely but if I find the time I'll see what I can do.

I love this video

Sorry it didn't make it into the collab, I really like it. lol I like all your parodies, they point out the flaws but never do it in an offending way. The fact that you can kill people and nobody notices is a hilarious flaw in the MGS games, like on Metal Gear Solid, I was running around with stealth camo and I snapped this guy's neck right in front of this other guy and he had no reaction other than "what was that noise?"

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked the toon - I usually go for the cleaner humor, which is something the other cartoons in the MGS collab lacked. As long as the MGS guards never talk like the guards in Splinter Cell Conviction (IE - THEY NEVER SHUT UP) it's all good.


needs to be longer, all in all though pretty funny

Battosai810 responds:

It was for the MGS collab, and the limit they gave us was around 30 seconds. Unfortunately it didn't get in, so I made it a bit longer. Thanks for watching!


That was a funny animation, and the drawing was really creative and simple. lol good job

Battosai810 responds: