Crazy Bicycle

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This is the second of the ten episode series. In this episode, the rules of the events of cycling was explained. The dialogues are in Mandarin, but subtitle in English is provided.



I'd like to be polite, but I can't say anything better about it. I don't care if its English is not perfect, that doesn't makes it bad automatically. But the style and the voices are just horrible!
Maybe it's ok for kids (but only very young ones), but I think it's not made for them - why would it be here othervise? Becouse Newgrounds is not the perfect place for a childrens toon.
But if it's made for a somewhat older audience, then why are the voices so unbearably high pitched, and why are the characters so childish? I mean they all have so big heads without any mature lines in the face, and all of them looks the same. And their emotions are so radical!
And the situations that are meant to be funny are not laughable above the age of 8. They are so predictable and overacted! Maybe they were more funny even if at least the characters were better. But like this: phatetic!
By the way, there is another cartoon about crazy bicycle cheating, quite similar to this one. The only difference is that that one is good, becouse it wasn't made so childish. I think you should watch it. Go to youtube, and paste this into the search bar: "Gustavus Is Cheating". The first finding will be it. Maybe you will learn from it.

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I agree with SenshiSama, these other reviews are wack. I liked it! Keep up the good work!


I can't believe this is getting such crap reviews! It's like these people aren't even paying attention to the ability you have at all! The animation if flawless and it looked like a silly little Chinese cartoon, which I think is exactly what you were goin' for! The background and painting was incredible! The story was a little bland, but your ability with Flash is astounding! Keep makin' more, you have great talent!!!

~Dylan ^_^

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I Speak english

i loved the graphics the, the story line i could SEE i didn't understand the words, the animation was good though lol

Pretty good flash.

It was pretty good. I mean, it looked good, but I really didn't see anything special about it. I got no real entertainment in watching this. Seemed to drag on forever. Try to make something more exciting, is all I can really say.

And theskeet, There is subtitles, at the bottom.

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3.43 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2008
8:47 PM EDT
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