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There She Is!! step4

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Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

This one has different color than before.
If you didn't see this series before, I recommend that see the first episode ~ step3 first.
I wish you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! step4 - paradise"

There is one last episode left.
Thank you NG and all fans.

I can't believe this. 4.71 - what is this number? (^^;;)
Honestly, I was afraid of that people dosn't like "step4" than before, because it's too serious.
I read the comments. Thank you all.
Please be with me until the end of series.

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I don't understand why people in the cartoon hate the fact that the boy and girl are together, but this is a classic series and I love it!!

It still hurts to watch this. I almost never do. The first few episodes give me such joy but this one I always skip.

Very relevant to what's going on right now, as banal as it is to say.

I wish that we can learn to love each other. I don't know why we hate, what hatred even is. I've failed myself to deal with it. We hate, we want to gratify ourselves. I've let other people's hatred make me sink to their level. I've said terrible things and relished in the feeling of vengeance. And the cycle continues. But in the midst of all this Doki cries over the friend she lost. What does hatred and anger have to say about that? What authority does it have? It's selfish and a delusion. The girl just wants it to stop, the hate, the violence, the discrimination. She doesn't want revenge. She just wants paradise... To be with the boy she loves. In peace...

She is who we have to remember. When you feel that hatred rage in your heart, think of her.

A step into dark territory. The night is at it's darkest, just before the dawn.

Great story I just love these two, can't wait to see more

One relation started a revolution